September, 10

By: Serena

Sep 10 2011

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Category: Breakfast

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D5000

I’ve finally decide to make a portfolio. I’m the procrastinating queen sometimes. Actually, most of the time.

Oatmeal with


Soy Milk

Silk Tofu


and Coffee

One comment on “September, 10”

  1. Yum, makes me hungry. Pity we can’t get bananas here. I need to look at good food after reading this quote from Jared Diamond, which has put me off being adventurous with food:

    “In 1849, hungry gold miners crossing the Nevada desert noticed some glistening balls of a candy-like substance on a cliff, licked or ate the balls, and discovered them to be sweet-tasting, but then they developed nausea. Eventually it was realized that the balls were hardened deposits made by small rodents, called packrats … Not being toilet trained, the rats urinate in their nests, and sugar and other substances crystallize from their urine as it dries out … In effect, the hungry gold miners were eating dried rat urine laced with rat feces and rat garbage.”

    – Collapse by Jared Diamond

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