June, 16

By: Serena

Jun 16 2011

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Category: Breakfast


Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D5000

So, I have a huge quantity of avocados going bad on me and I’m searching some way to include it in my breakfast, any suggestion?

Apricot Banana Smoothie

with Soy Milk

and topped with

Whole-bran Cereals

Mmm I discovered too late the cereals weren’t vegan (they have honey in them), I guess my mom will have new cereals to try the next week =)

3 comments on “June, 16”

  1. i put avacados btw break …like a sandwich! with lemon and black pepper!

  2. yummy breakfast!
    for the avocado thing, you can also use it in your smoothies, its a great thickening agent and you domt taste it if you over power it with other flavors like a whole banana.

    Also, you could use it with eggs! Cook up a nice veggit omelte and throw some avocado slices in it and top it with salsa. A mexican breakfast! this idea could be the same for a breakfast burrito.

    You could also use it in savory oatmeal…oatmeal with spices, avocado, beans and eggs..?

    haha i dont know just trying to help!

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