May, 2

By: Serena

May 02 2011

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Category: Breakfast


Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D5000

I want to experiment more with fancy oatmeal toppings, any suggestions of creative combos?

Tropical Oatmeal

made with

Quick Oats

(random amount since my scale is broken)


Soy Milk

topped with 

1/2 Banana


shredded Coconut

(I’m conscious I’m naming this oatmeal “tropical” just because have dates. And coconut. I’m creative like that)


6 comments on “May, 2”

  1. You don’t use measuring cups?

    And maybe you could try savory oatmeal. Like spinach, almond, and some spice

  2. I have lots of oat bran recipes on my blog and I’m SURE they would work for oat meal too! Let me know if you like any!

    • Mmm I’ll check soon, I found oat bran and oat flour at the grocery store so I might try the original version.

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