March, 29


(Vegan) Chocolate-Chip Cookies

Yesterday, I forgot to tell you that I’m going vegan for a month to see if I’m ok with that (organizationally speaking, not ethically, I mean). Let’s see if I can do that in the Cheese-land.


5 comments on “March, 29”

  1. they look very good! good luck for a month!!

  2. One of my friends did it for a couple of years or so. And then she really missed cheese, so she went back to omnivore earlier this year, lol! Another considered going vegan, but decided not to because she would miss cheese too much. Good luck!

    • The first week went good, less cravings than I expected.

      The real problem is that in Italy we don’t have some kind of vegan cheese so I need to figure out what to put in dishes which call for cheese (lasagna and so on…)

      But so far so good =)

      • That’s good! I’ve heard that soy cheese just isn’t the same as real cheese. At least that’s how it is here. I hope you have better luck 🙂
        Why did you choose to go vegan?

  3. Ethic reasons basically

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