January, 28

By: Serena

Jan 28 2011

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Category: Breakfast


Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D5000

Pancake FAIL

This morning I was craving pancakes; so I went downstairs, added some water to a pre-made pancakes mix, heated and greased the pan. By the time I pour the first pancake in the pan I knew it would have been a total FAIL! The poor pancake turned out really ugly, mushy on one side and burned on the other.

I knew that it was a no-no cooking morning, so I gave up to make the “normal” pancakes, I poured the mixture in a mini-casserole and put it in the oven for about 25 minutes (I had no idea about what was going to happen since I’ve never done this before).

The result was this:

Not bad umh?

I also added some raspberries and blueberries to strategically cover the burned side.

It wasn’t bad, but neither yummy as seems from the photos. Anyway, I feel like I should try again because the whole pancake in the oven with yummy stuff on it thing sounds promising.

What is your most striking recipe fail?

Did you just toss the food or invent something else?

5 comments on “January, 28”

  1. You should look up a recipe for a puff pancake. Those are amazing.

    And here’s another way you can make a pancake (or as I call it, a bowlcake): make pancake mix (including water and all) in a microwave safe bowl, add whatever fruit, spices, or nuts you want, then throw it in the microwave until the middle is solid. If it’s a smaller batch, start with two minutes and go from there. Tadaaaa!

  2. I recently made ginger muffins. It was a total disaster. Muffin batter everywhere in the oven, but not in the muffin pan. But I have to admit: the pieces that were decently baked tasted really good!

  3. My most striking recipe fail? This afternoon I tried to make homemade Hollandaise sauce. Disaster!

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