January, 18

By: Serena

Jan 18 2011

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Category: Breakfast


Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D5000

Oyez, oyez, oyez! Non-Belgian world meet Pâte de Speculaas!

Whole wheat toast with Pâte de Speculaas, blueberries

(plus an orange and caffèlatte)

Here people are so obsessed with Speculaas that they even made a kind of spread with them. It actually tastes quite good.

Coming soon… more Belgian breakfast food, guess what?

65 comments on “January, 18”

  1. That looks simply delicious. We love wheat breakfast options, as well as our sweet potato pancakes … good stuff!

  2. Yum! Looks tasty. 🙂 Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  3. Beautiful pic, but I’m almost ashamed to say: Never in my life heard of Speculaas.

    Sounds like something found in my gynecologist’s office…


  4. waiting for it 😀

  5. Had never heard of Speculaas! Clicked on the wikipedia link- that was an interesting read! Love blueberries… especially in a blueberrie pie… ;o)

  6. This is a really creative idea.

  7. I am giving this recipe to my wife. Can’t wait to try it.

  8. What is the pate made of?
    Looks delicious!!!
    Congrats on being freshly pressed!!!!

  9. wondering how it would taste like with butter and marmite!!

  10. Speculaas are next on my list to try. I actually have never heard of them and am very found of new and unique ideas! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Yum, you definately make it look delish!

  12. looks delicious!!!! i feel like i could smell it off my screen


  13. Mmmm!! That looks SO TASTEY! 🙂

  14. I saw the wiki page and that these are like Dutch Windmill cookies – which I love! Soooo… they grind them up to make a spread out of? What else is in it? Sounds interesting.

  15. um, when are you coming over to cook for me?

  16. Delicious photo!

  17. This whole wheat bread photo really looks great. It’s also making me hungry lol. Very nice post.

  18. I love speculaas, but I’ve never seen anyone use a cookie to make a spread before. Interesting idea.

  19. That looks well nice.
    It’s more like the sort of thing i’d have at lunch though.
    I do like my bacon and eggs. lol

  20. I’m eating breakfast right now and that looks ten times better than what I’m eating (Cream Cheese and Strawberry Jam on Wholemeal, OJ and Black coffee). Darnit, now I feel like eating that *points at picture* and having a cafe latte. Mmm….

  21. Oh yeah!

  22. I was going to skip breakfast today. But after seeing this, I was out the door looking for grub.

  23. […] people who plan their meals just so they can take a photograph for their blog.  Does anyone really sprinkle blueberries haphazardly across toast for breakfast?  Wouldn’t you either put them on the toast or put them in a […]

    • With this logic I should put all my food in a blender so that I don’t even have to chew it. =) So blueberries, why not?

  24. Looks enticing and delish! Nice photo as well. Keep it up!

  25. Oh, this is fast becoming my favorite blog! Love the breakfast ideas 🙂

  26. I also say that breakfast is the most important meal in the day. But I haven’t tasted the speculaas(we do not have them here).. I have heard of them. One day when I’m in Belgium I will.

  27. Looks like a good breakfast for health-conscious people. The photo looks so good I can almost taste it. Yummy!


  28. I’ll try it! Thanks ;D

  29. oh wow, the picture is so yummy and beautiful

  30. Great Post! The dish seems to be very delicious. Waiting for your new breakfast dishes.

  31. Blueberry!! I like it! Thank you for the mouth-watering post! I love your shots!

  32. Its look very tempting and yummy.

  33. i’m drooling! 😀

  34. My sister loves Speculoos, so I’m thinking to give her this breakfast idea (she’s not quite fond of breakfast, so maybe it’ll help).

  35. i have had my breakfast, and now looking at your beautiful photo, makes me hungry again XD
    Nice shot!

  36. Love speculaas in its “normal” form but never seen it like that before, interesting. Fave breakfast here is plain white bulgarian style yoghurt and choppded tart green apples – so good 🙂

  37. Ahhh! Salivating now! :))

  38. Its look very different and very attractive.

  39. looks yummy can’t wait for the next post. I will try each one 🙂

  40. เสื้อผ้าเกาหลี

    looks yummy can’t wait for the next post. I will try each one

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